How do I repair my Tripod?

If you experience issues with retraction of tripod legs, the following will assist you in rectifying the issue.

Cause: If the leg section retain nut is fully unscrewed, the leg section is then able to slide entirely out. This results in the “Stop” sleeves becoming dislodged. Unless correctly re-installed the leg sections will be able to completely slide out, which is not optimal.

The images and instructions below will assist you to repair the tripod.

  1. Loosen the section of the tripod giving issues as shown highlighted below.

  2. Pull out this section of tripod leg. You should now have part of the leg, and 2 plastic pieces as shown below. These plastic parts may be loose inside the tripod leg if not evident on disassembly.

  3. Reposition the plastic pieces on the tripod leg, aligning the two notches on each piece with the slots in the tripod leg.

  4. Locate the notch inside the tripod leg tubing still attached to the tripod head. You should be able to see this notch and be able to feel it with your finger.

  5. Insert the detached tripod leg with the two plastic pieces in place back into the larger tubing, positioning the notch between the two plastic pieces on the smaller tube.

  6. Tighten everything back up.

  7. Test tripod leg again now.

  8. If there are still issues, repeat the above procedure with all 3 sections of the tripod leg.

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