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Swift Labs allows you to transfer any organisations that has a paid subscription attached to it. This may be useful as users come and go from your organisation, transferring the owner role allows the owner user to maintain users for the organisation, as well as managed subscription levels, subscription payment information and organisation API tokens.

To transfer the organisation role, start by navigating to the organisation information view by clicking ‘ORGANISATION‘ in the left side bar. In the organisation information view you may perform several functions including a link to creating a new organisation, changing the name of your organisation and removing an organisation entirely. To transfer an organisation, click on the ‘Transfer‘ button in the Transfer organisation section.

Organisation Information View

When you click the ‘Transfer‘ button, a modal will be displayed that performs the same as the modal to invite users to your organisation.

User invitation modal

To find the user you wish to transfer your organisation to, you can search by three parameters, first name, last name and email. The returned results will display all the users by their first and last name. Selecting the bauble icon will select the user. Clicking the ‘Transfer‘ button will send an invitation to the user. The receiving user will also receive an email notifying them of the invitation.

User search

For the receiving user, the next series of images detail the process of accepting the invitation to become the new owner of the transferred organisation. After logging in and either selecting an organisation to login to or selecting the bell icon on the top right of the screen, The user will be navigated to the invitations section of the user notifications page.

User invitations notifications

Clicking the ‘Accept‘ button will begin the request to transfer the organisation. Depending on the size of the organisation, this may take some time. You will receive a success modal when complete.

Information modal

For the receiving user, accepting the invitation will provide a new organisation to switch to or select during the login process.

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