Missing data from Swift Labs

In this article we will discuss possible reasons for missing data from your Swift Labs account.

After completing a testing session, both mobile applications Ezejump and Syncro will synchronise to Swift Labs. Depending on the mobile platform Android or Apple, make and model of your mobile device and network conditions, the mobile applications will take a varying amount of time to sync to our servers.

In particular the Syncro application on Apple device should not be backgrounded or enable the screen lock to ensure the fastest synchronisation possible. Apple will only give mobile applications a small amount of time to complete their required tasks before the application is killed if the application is not visible on the screen. Ensuring the screen is left on and Syncro is visible on the screen will allow the Syncro application to sync its data.

Checking Sync Status

Syncro has the ability to display its sync status to Swift Labs. Shown in the image below, to view the sync status click on the system tab, then click on the user row.

Scrolling towards the bottom of the page within the user role will take you to a section ‘SYNC STATUS’ and ‘PENDING PUSH OPERATIONS’. Sync status refers to the sections that have been pulled. Pending push operations shows you current list of operations that are being executed or are about to be executed. In this example three Activities for Athlete one will be pushed.

If you have a large amount of operations, keep the screen active on Syncro to allow them to sync to Swift Labs.

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