Is there any limitation when using a device on the ground?

Using a gate on the ground is useful in the following instances

  1. In a three ppoint start when you want to start on hand-lift

  2. In a standing two point start where you want to start on foot-lift

  3. In a 5-10-5 test or similar where you want to measure splits as foot or hand touches a line

Limitations exist in the following paradigms

  1. A gate on the ground makes a poor wifi access point See: What is the Maximum Distance between iPad and the Access point Timing gate?

  2. Generally a UNO device is used for Sensing on the ground, because;

    • It’s laser sensor is lower than a dual beam gate (You would need to disable the top beam in a dual beam gate)

    • It is more stable, particularly if the magnetic ground plate accessories are used.

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