What are starting modes?

We have several different starting modes, some device dependent, some not.

  1. Normal is simply how we describe triggering a start by running through a gate, or leaving a gate, depending on how it is configured. This could be from a standing start position say 0.5m behind the gate, or a flying start from some distance away. If using the ‘Start in Beam’ option, your athlete will be blocking both beams prior to start. Timing begins when they leave. Our ZERO and MOVE (Now deprecated products) and UNO gates (optical functions) sensors always operate in a ‘Start in Beam’ mode

  2. Two Stage Start emulates the familiar, “Ready-Set-Go” process we all know. It allows the coach to activate the system, wait until he is sure the athlete is ready, and then with a tap on the screen the strobe will flash green , and a start siren will sound. Again, reaction time can be measured when using Two Stage Start

  3. Steady Start is a favorite of many coaches. It all but eliminates false starts. It works particularly well with ZERO and MOVE (Now deprecated products) and UNO in ground sensor mode.

    1. When system is armed, RED lights appear on sensor and the target gate .

    2. When the athlete steps into the gate, or puts a hand or foot in the beam, the strobes will go AMBER to indicate the athlete has been sensed.

    3. The sensor will now hold the athlete in that start position for 2 seconds before strobes go green to signal ‘start’ for First Movement Start. Any disruption to the blocked beam restarts the two second delay.

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