Displaying Split Velocities in Labs

Enabling Velocity Display

Swift Labs provides you the ability to quickly view Syncro split data without having to view all the activity data, this includes split velocities.

Athlete activity result summary

To display split velocities, the application setting must be enabled under Split Velocity for the Syncro settings. You can navigate to the app settings by clicking on the ‘Settings’ item on the left hand menu. The app settings are synced to your account and will remain the same over multiple logins.

Syncro specific application settings

When the Split Velocity setting is enabled, each activity split will be displayed under the split timestamp. The display velocity setting is only relevant to the user interface and will always be displayed for all data export. By default the split velocity will be displayed in the SI units of metres per second.

Changing Velocity Units

For users who wish to display velocity units as miles per hour, they must ensure that the Measurement Units setting is selected as Imperial. The Measurements Units setting is located under the General Application settings, again in settings page where the Display Velocity is.

Changing the Measurement Unit from Metric to Imperial will set the velocity units to miler per hour (mph) as shown below.

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