Updating Athlete DOB

Swift Labs uses date pickers for several components; one of those components includes the Athlete date of birth date picker. This article will show you how to quickly select the month and year with the date picker without having to endlessly scrolling though the years.

To begin first we need to navigate to the athlete that needs to be updated. First click on the Athletes menu item on the left hand side of the screen. This will take you to the list of athletes.

The image below shows the athlete detail view. From this view you can dot a number of things, including updating the details of the athlete. Clicking on the ‘Edit’ button in the top right cluster of buttons will take you to the edit athlete view.

Scrolling down the page you will find the Date of Birth field, this field cannot be edited without using the graphical date picker.

If you only need to modify the date a few months, you can use the arrows either side of the selected month and year. For larger date changes, the date picker allows for the ability to select the month and year. To do so, select the month / year combination, for example in he image above ‘Oct 2020’. This will then display all the months; selecting the year (2020) will allow you to select the year, with additional navigation by using the arrows to navigate up and down by the decade. Clicking the year will cascade back to the month and finally back to a date within that month.

Clicking on ‘Save Athlete’ at the bottom of the page will update the athlete to the new date.

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