Exporting Labs Data

The following article will walk you though exporting data for individual athletes or complete squads.

Exporting athlete data can be achieved through multiple methods. The method used depends on the amount of data you wish to export. For example; exporting data for a single athlete may be achieved by navigating to the detail view of a single athlete. With support for multiple athletes and whole groups.

Single Athlete Data Export

Exporting activity data for a single athlete can be achieved by navigating to the detail view of an athlete. Clicking the action menu on the top right of Athlete Detail View (three vertical dots) will expose the available actions for the athlete. Clicking Export Data will prompt you with the Data Export Dialog.

Multiple Athletes

Swift Labs also offers the ability to select multiple athletes for a data export. The images below illustrates an example of selecting multiple athletes from the top level athletes view.

Similar to the Athlete Detail View, clicking the action menu will expose the available actions for the selected athletes. Clicking Export Data will display the data export dialog to refine the which data to export.

Group Data Export

Finally, Swift Labs allows for you to easily export data for a specific group. Similar to the Athlete Detail View; navigating to the Group Detail View, will contain a action menu that will allow you to export tabular data for the group.

Data Export Dialog

In the previous subsections we discussed the methods to display the Data Export Dialog. While each section offers a different method to export data, they all display the same Data Export Dialog shown in the image above.

The export dialog allows you to refine the data range with common quick select dates. The dialog requires you to select the activity data type; Ezejump for jump data and Syncro for timing data. For jumping data additional filtering is required with the Jump Mode required to be selected. When you have set the required parameters, click Export to download the generated CSV.

When selecting large groups of athletes with large amounts of activities it can require a few minutes for the server to return the requested data. Do not close the window, your browser will download the file when the server responds.

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