Assigning Athlete Permissions to Coaches

Swift Labs allows you to invite and create coaches users for your organisation to share the responsibility of data collection and processing. This creates a potential issue with the responsibility and permissions for different coaches, should coach A and Coach B be able to see their respective athletes?

To resolve the permissions issue, Swift Labs resolves permissions around athletes based on Coach assigned to the athlete and the Coaches assigned to groups.

The example for this article will be the following athlete in the image below; ‘Permission Athlete’ throughout the article will be used to demonstrate the different assignments and the effects that causes for the assigned coaches.

For our example organisation ‘Docs’, we have User A who is the owner of the organisation and created the account. In the Docs organisation there is one Coach user ‘Docs Coach’. In the image above, Permission Athlete has no coaches assigned and also no groups assigned. This means that Permission Athlete can only be viewed by User A, an owner, or a User that has the Manager permission. You can visit to read more information on inviting a user with the Manager role. The image below shows you what Docs Coach will see when they go the athletes page, nothing, this is because they are yet to have permissions to see any athletes.

Direct Coach Assignment

For ‘Docs Coach’ to have access to an athlete they can be assigned to an athlete. Clicking on the user with a plus icon, will display a list of coaches to select from. After the coach has been assigned to the athlete, a icon will be displayed of the coach assigned. You can also click on the icon to navigate to coach detail view to also view other athletes they are assigned to.

Looking now at what the Coach will see, navigating to the athletes list, the coach now has access to the athlete and will now have the same abilities as the owner to update the athlete information and run activities against that athlete.

Coach Group Assignment

For an organisation with a large amount of athletes, rather than assigning a coach to each individual athlete, you can also assign a coach to a group and they will have access to all athletes in the group. Coming back to the example with ‘Permission Athlete’, the Coach will first see no groups if they go to the groups tab.

For the owner of the organisation, or a manager user, navigating to the group they want to assign the coach to and clicking the three dots on the top right will take you to a page to add coaches to the organisation.

As the coach user ‘Docs Coach’ navigating to the coaches page will show you the groups either that you have created, or have been assigned to.

As well as the groups view now showing the groups the coach has been assigned to, all athletes in the assigned groups will now appear in the athletes view. Allowing your coaches to view, modify and create activities for your athletes.

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