What are “Run Options” in Syncro Test designer ?

Run options are being added to the SYNCRO app. They will remain Grey until they are functional.

  • Normal – Athlete progresses once through path set in test design. Test is complete when the final gate in test is triggered.

  • Repeat – This feature will allow the setup of rest periods or delays between successive sprints (e.g. https://www.topendsports.com/testing/tests/sprint-fatigue.htm)

  • Freestyle – Basically this ‘arms’ all gates, i.e. regardless of the number of gates, or the number of splits you want to collect, any gate can collect none or all splits (or anything in between. i.e. after the start, all gates will have Green light ON, and can be triggered in any pattern at all. This is useful if you wanted to introduce external input, for example a coach calling out which gate to run to.

  • Agility – This allows an Agility drill where the athlete is randomly sent to a gate. E.g. you could have 4 gates making a box of 5×5 yards. Athlete starts in the middle and follows the lit gate a set number of splits.

  • Speed Sprint - All gates are armed at the beginning of the test. This mode is recommended for all straight line tests, particularly to help avoid missed splits in tests with high velocities and closely spaced timing gates.

  • Endurance - TBA

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