Displaying and update Sprint Bound Index in Labs

Enabling Sprint Bounds

Swift Labs supports the storage and calculation of activity Sprint Bounds and Sprint Bound Index. By default displaying the Sprint Bounds is not enabled. To enable displaying the Sprint Bound Index, head over the app settings by clicking on settings in the left hand menu and enabling ‘Display Sprint Bound Index’ under Syncro Settings.

Once the Sprint Bound Index setting is enabled, a help tip will be available for each activity in the athlete activity detail view. If the activity has had a Sprint Bound entered either using Syncro or Labs, the SBI will be shown next to the help tip. To set the Sprint Bounds for an activity you must enter the value in the activity detail view.

Updating Sprint Bounds

To update an activities Sprint Bound you must open the Update Bounds modal from the action menu (click the three vertical dots).

Clicking the Update Bounds will open the modal to update the Sprint Bounds. You can press cancel to close the modal or press the update button to update the Sprint Bounds. Updating the sprint bounds will recalculate the Sprint Bound Index that will need to be re-synced by Syncro to ensure consistency. The updated SBI will be immediately available to Labs and will be reflected in any CSV data exports.

The figure below illustrates the updated activity with the newly calculated Sprint Bound Index (SBI).

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