Tripod Setup

Tripod Setup

Economy Tripod

The economy tripod is used for DUO, and UNO systems, and is shipped detached from the timing gate.

  1. Loosen the collar at the base of the tripod and then pull down the legs. Tighten the collar at desired position.

  2. Loosen the other collars and extend to desired height

Premium Tripod

The premium tripod is used for NEO and DUO systems and is shipped pre attached to the timing gates.

  1. Fold down the legs of the tripod

  2. Loosen the collar on each leg, extend and tighten at desired length

To collapse the tripod, while pressing the red clasp on the top of the leg, fold upward.

Alignment Best Practice

It is important to set up your system to align with the torso of the athlete. Dual beam systems use two data points to ensure the centre of the athletes mass is measured, single beam swift systems are built using software to filter out any early or late triggers to get your data as close to dual beam results as possible.

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